Friday, September 13, 2013

{Did you know}

My sweet baby boy,

Do you know you have a sister now? Of course you do, I know you helped bring her to us. It wasn't long ago that the two of your were together playing on streets of Gold. Have you seen how big she is getting? The way she smiles off into the distance makes me wonder if you are right there with her. Do you hear her coo's and giggles coming from the nursery that you both share? I'd like to think you are in there with her, making silly faces and tickling her toes. When I rock her at night and sing her to sleep, don't think that I don't feel you there with me, running your fingers through her dark hair. I know you are there. It is a bittersweet trade off the way things have worked out. I wouldn't have her if it weren't for you. I want so badly to know the reasons why, but for now I will soak up every minute I get to Mother your baby sister, I will soak up enough minutes for the both of us, okay? Don't think I miss you any less just because my arms are now filled, because there is still an empty place in my heart, for you, that will never be filled until we are united again. Thank you my sweet son for making me the Mother that I am. You help me every single day to remember to cherish every God-given second that I have with her. I appreciate the good, the bad, and the ugliest of days because of you. You make life beautiful. You are the best big brother, I hope you know. We love you and we miss you always.

Love Mom and baby Sister, Saylor.

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